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Companeros Foxy Frosty
DOB: 3/6/2010


Sire: Loughlin's Voice of a Sly Fox
SS: SG Companeros Voice of Reason
       ++*B AR1995 ST1998
SD: SGCH Loughlin's Shesastonecoldfox

Dam: SGCH Companeros Clinton Jewel 9*M
       9*M AR2008 LA2009,2008
DS: Old English Clinton
       +*B AR2008
DD: SGCH Companeros Katsudo Jordan
       8*M AR2000 LA2005

Foxy has been jointly purchased by Briar Bay Saanens and Brownstone Farm. What caught my eye on this fellow right off was the tie he had to Lone Star Fox which is She's A Stone Cold Fox. Foxy will be used at both farms.

Foxy is handsome. He will be appraised here in my herd in Sept. It is a real treat to have this opportunity to bring in these genetics that will hopefully compliment what we are already working with.

Foxy Frosty had his linear appraisal session Sept. 1,2011. At 18 months old he has a 35 stature, excellant front legs, excellant rump, very good head, and very good rear legs,feet and back. VEV 88



CH Briar-Bay FF Silk Prada
Prada at 2 yrs. 2015 Texas State Fair Grand Champion Sr. Saanen



Briar-Bay FF Girl On Fire

Owned By Dr. Bill Davis of California

Ranea Social Issues AS1801359
DOB 3/1/2014

Sire: Des-Ruhigestelle Social Climber
Dam: Briar Bay FF Girl On Fire

In 2013, I sent Girl On Fire to California to join the Ranea herd of saanens. Her new owner was Bill Davis. He bred her to Social Climber and Social Issues is a result of that breeding. And Social Issues is a Foxy Frosty  grand daughter.

This summer ( 2017)Social Issues was shown at a show in Watsonville, California with the Redwood Hills show crew. In one ring she was GCH saanen milker and Best In Show at age 3 yrs. How time flys! It just seems like yesterday I put her MOMMA on a plane for California.

Congratulations to Bill Davis for Social Issues breeding and to Scott Bice for taking it from there. And thank you for letting me be a part of this whole scene!!

CH Briar-Bay FF Doris Day
2015 LA VEVE 90
Owned byCharlie Currer of Texas.

Picture with permission of Lisa Odwyer

CH Sundown Farm Wild Irishrose

Sire: Companeros Foxy Frosty
Dam: Sundown Farm Irish Mist

We call Wild Irishrose, Wild Child!! As a baby barely 2 months old she went BIS in Corsicana, Texas. 100+ jr. does of all breeds…….And another BIS as a 2 yr. old. So she is another Foxy Frosty daughter to be a Perm. Grand Champiom.

CH Hull's CFF Lexus ~~ 2013
LA: 2014 VEEE 91
2 yr. old fresh since a yearling
Bred by Kim Hull / Owned by Ginger Morrow

CH Briar Bay FF Cameo
Photo courtesy of Bill Odwyer

Cameo now belongs to Lisa Odwyer. She finished her champion in 2017 under the Odwyer ownership. Cameo now joins the list of some very impressive does sired by Foxy Frosty.


SGCH Campaneros Foxy Jem
~ Full Sister to Foxy Frosty
Bred and owned by Redwood Hill
2-06 VG 89 VEEE First Fresh
DHIR: 1-11 215 2850 99 F 81 P (In Progress)
Life: 215 2850 99 F 81 P
ADGA 2012-- A  Top Ten doe in Butterfat and Protein

SGCH Companeros Clinton Jewel 9*M
Bred and owned by Redwood Hill

Jewel is the 2010 Reserve National Champion and Reserve Best Udder.
Linear Appraisal: 2-03 VG 89 EEEE,
3-03 EX 90 VVEE,
4-03 EX 92 EEEE
DHIR: 1-08 305 3160 127 F 105 P 399 162 F 132 P
2-10 249 2430 112 F 82 P
3-09 305 3820 172 F 120 P (In progress)
life 963 10,160 446 F 334 P
Averaging 4.4% butter fat and 3.3% protein over her life.



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