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Briar Bay Saanens

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Lake-Country Illusion Armani AS1133645

Sire: Laker-Country Tsunamic Illusion
SS: Lake-Country Romantic Tsunami
SSS: Two Ceders CC Joshua
SD:Lake-Country Caesar M Illusion
SDS: Lake-Country Caesar Maximus
SDD: Lakle-Country Style Illuminate

Dam: Lake-Country Sunrise Artesia
DS: Lake-Country Sno Sunrise
DSS: Perfection Snolan
DSD: Lake-Country Caesar's Sashah
DD: Lake-Country CM Aury
DDS: Lake-Country Caesar  Magnifique
DDD: Lake=Country Coming Attraction
This was a very stylish buck. Very tall, long and upstanding. Armani makes it possible for my strong doe line to be here today. And when I combined Armani with Jolly Rancher some really good animals were as a result. Sorry for no picture.

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