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Briar-Bay IA Clinque  AS1252961


Sire: Lake-Country Illusion Armani
SS: Lake-Country Tsunamic Illusion
SD: Lake-Country Sunrise Artesia

Dam: Briar-Bay SS Fortune Leigh
DS: Singing-Spruce PM Vincavec
DD: Briar-Bay CC Fortune Cookie
Here is the leader of the strong doe line, but I will have to say that Leigh was no "slacker". Clinque reproduced herself with improvement each time. Better than Clinque was her daughter, Kit Kat and grand daughter Plumnellie. And now there is Kat's Meow that is a daughter of Clinque and Kat's Meow is better than her dam. So what more could you ask from  a doe but to reproduce herself better? In the Farm Pics she is one of the quads I was holding.

CH Briar-Bay IA Prince Mac
Clinque's brother also in the Farm Pics photo of quads
Prince Mac was the 1st place Jr. Get of Sire
2008 National Show

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