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Briar Bay Saanens

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SGCH Briar-Bay RTB Elfin Magic  AS1413353       
DOB: 5/14/2007

2012 All American Program Aged Saanen

2013 Linear Photo
Photo taken by Lisa Odwyer

LA 0-11 EC ( V EC EC)
LA 1-11 89 (V E E E )
LA 2-00 89 (V E E E )
LA  4-03   90 (VEEE)
LA 5-00 92 (EEEE)
LA 5-11 91 (EEEE)

Sire: Tres Amigo V Raizen The Bar *B
         LA 0-04 V (+ EC EC )
         LA 1-01 86 (VV+)
         LA 2-01 90 (VEE)
SS: Lady-K MFT Viego
SD: SGCH Willow Run Bijan Raychelle

Dam: CH Briar-Bay JR Kit Kat
         LA  0-11 EC (EC EC EC)
         LA  1-03 89 (E E E E )
         LA  2-11 90 (E E E E )
         LA  3-11 91 (V E E E )
DS: Cherrypines Jolly Rancher
DD: SGCH Briar-Bay IA Clinque
       LA 2-02 88 (V E E V)
       LA 3-06 89 (V E E V)
       LA 4-02 91 (E E E E )
       LA 5-03 90 (V E E V)

Elfin is always right in behind her sister, Pluminellie. She also finished her Permnant Championship this year. If you examine the two doe's Linear Scores you will find that they are extreemely close. Elfin is not as long bodied as Plum but feet and legs, width through out, and mammary system are just about identical. Elfin has 4 freshenings where as Plum has freshened 5 times.

In 2012, Elfin showed under 5 judges and was Best of Breed in 4 shows and Best In Show in 2. She performed well in the show ring and at her Linear Appraisal session. Both son's were sold this year. One to Cindy Luevano and the other to Paul Sabins. It was Paul's buck, Briar Bay WL Elfin's Senn who participated in the Senn Auction. Karen Senn died soon after she appraisded Elfin in Septermber of 2011. Paul won the high bid so Elfin has a son in Rhode Island at the Doe Haven Farm.

Elfin & Foxy triplet doelings -- DOB: 1/11/13

Briar-Bay FF Girl On Fire
Owned by Dr. Bill Davis of the Ranea herd of Saanens in Santa Rosa, Ca.

Above is Girl On Fire pictured with her two siblings in Janurary 2013 in Texas at Briar Bay Saanens
and again in April 2014 at 15 months old in California.
Bottom photos were taken 24 hours prior to her delivering twin doelings.


CH Briar-Bay JR Kit Kat
SGCH Briar-Bay IA Clinque



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