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GCH Briar-Bay W Snack Fairy  AS1360340 
   DOB: 2/23/2006

Snack Fairy



LA 0-06 V (V + V)
LA 2-03 89 (V E E V)
LA 3-02 90 (V E E E )
LA 5-06  90 (VEEE)
LA 6- 90 (VEEE)

Sire: McQuitty FarmWMV Wahoo 
        LA 2=04 90 (V E E )
SS: Windsor-Manor AA Victor *B
        7-03 91 (E E E)
        2004 Premier Sire
SD:  CH Pleasant-Grove SSP Wallop

Dam: Oaks-Of-Mamre Enchantress
         LA 4-01 90 (V E E E )
DS: Lake-Country Illusion Armani
DD: Kapra-Vista Winter Enchantment 1*M

The Snack Fairy is a huge and powerful. SOOOO very level and up standing and wide through out. Great feet and legs and a rump to die for. She did not freshen last year due to an infection in her uterus. This year we have treated her for that infection and bred her, and holding our breath. Photo is of her unclipped. Sorry about that but you can get some idea of her presentation and general appearance.

Snack freshened with a single dead buck kid, but at least she is back into milk. She was BOB in Weatherford, Texas this Spring. I am working at getting a current photo for her page.

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