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Briar Bay Saanens

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CH Briar-Bay JR Kit Kat  AS1450352

Kit Kat

LA 1-01 EC (EC EC EC)
LA 2=02 89 (E E E E)
LA 3-00 90 (E E E E)
LA 4- 01 91 (V E E E)
Sire: Cherrypines Jolly Rancher
SS: *B Cherrypines Singing Bob
SD: Cherrypines Milkdud

Dam: SG Briar-Bay IA Clinque
DS: +*B Lake-Country Illusion Armani
DD: Briar-Bay SS Fortune Cookie
Kit Kat was a dream doe to breed and own. As a baby through her 3rd year of appraisal, she NEVER scored less than excellant in any category. She got sick and was extremely ill prior to her getting appraised as a 4 year old and yet is pulled off a FS of 91. But note the V in her score. A friend who had followed Kit Kat and her scores ask why suddenly a V ? I told her it was because she was dying and she was dead 2 months later. She left Plum and Elfin Magic to walk in her foot steps the best they can.
Kit Kat

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