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Ranea Pisano Posse

DOB 4/13/2013

Posse at 2 years old / 2015

LA 2-00 VEV 87 EX in rump & back


Sire:Willow Lane Onyx
SS: Cisco DRL Juliana Mint
SD: Willow Lane Opal 3-00 EEEE 92
SSS: Des-Ruhigestelle Lladro  3-04 VEE 88
SSD: CH Cisco CFA Chard Juliana 3-03 EEEE 92
SDS: Ranea Mercio
SDD: Willow-Lane Samatha 4-08 EEEE 92
SSSS: Willow Run Victor Sloan
SSSD: Des Ruhigestelle Llyonesse 10-09 EEEE 90
SSDS: Crybaby Farms PVT Auric 6-04 EEE 90
SSDD: Cisco Mango Chard EEEE 93
SDSS: Des-Ruhigestelle Llandro 3-04 VEE 88
SDSD: Ranea Auric No Mercy 3-04 VVEE89
SDDS: Old English Finn
SDDD: Willow Lane Mayday 5-02 EEEE 90

Dam: Ranea Auric Peperella
DS: Crybaby Farms PVT Auric 6-04 EEE 91
DD: Ranea Lladro PiquetteSS:Crybaby Farms Standardpvtlabel
DSD: Washoe-Zephyr 24 Karat
DDS: Des-Ruhigestelle Lladro
DDD: Washoe-Zephyr Pinnacle

Ranea Pisano Posse will be joining the herd of saanens here at Briar Bay for the fall breeding of 2013. Thanks to Dr. Bill Davis, DVM of Santa Rosa, California for having the trust in Briar Bay to carry out the good work of improving the breed with the help of Posse. Plans are to use him with most if not all of the junior does this fall and possibly a senior or two does.
Please note Posse's pedigree. Bill does not linear appraise his herd so on Peperella's side the scores are few but notice on the sire's side the exceptional scoring, especially where Onyx's dam, grand dam, and great dam all scored EEEE. And on the sire's side the EEEE scoring does from Cisco and Des Ruhigestelle herds.
The opportunity is here with Posse breeding to Foxy and Rowdy daughters for 2014 kids. There are 10 in all. Eight Foxy daughters and 2 Rowdy daughters and plans are for Posse to also sire kids in the Brownstone Farm herd of saanens.

Possee at 4 months of age

Pictures courtesy of Lisa Odwyer


CH Ranea Auric Peperella
2012 Reserve Ch. RWDGA, Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, Ca.

CH Ranea Auric Peperella
2013 GCH in both rings and BIS in both rings,
RWDGA, Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, Ca


Peperella granddaughter
Ranea Auric Piccalilli ( 2 yr. old)
5 Times Reserve GCH 2013

Willow Lane Onyx

SG Willow Lane Opal
Dam to Onyx On the udder shots
Photos graciously supplied by Daniel Drake ~ Willow Lane Saanens

Posse daughte r~~ Sundown Farm Old Biddy

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